Moving is certainly an exciting time in your life, but it also is fraught with frustrations, losses, and general mayhem.  One of the main areas of concern is in trusting the right moving company!  After all, we are loading your entire life into the back of a truck — you don’t want to take any risks there!  Here are 7 tips to help you find the best moving company for your needs.

Finding the best moving company

Ratings and reviews matter

When you are doing your research at first, take a careful look through ratings and reviews.  Read positive and negative reviews thoroughly.  Generally, 3-star reviews give the most honest feedback.  If one company has only negative or only positive reviews, there’s something fishy going on!

Also, don’t forget to start your research using recommendations from colleagues, family members, and friends.

Rate-shop before you make your choice

No one wants to find out that the rate could have been lower elsewhere after the fact!  Factor in the price and what’s included in that price early in your research journey.  You’ll get a feel for what is a fair price, as well as what is too low or too high.  Competitive pricing will stay right around the same area.  This is the area that you’ll want to stay in too!  Don’t forget that you get what you pay for, so sometimes the cheapest price isn’t the best and also the highest price doesn’t mean it is the best either, so do your homework!

Be aware of hidden fees

While most will communicate hidden fees to customers, some don’t.  Be aware of any hidden fees by reading through an agreement or contract thoroughly beforehand.  If you have questions on fees, don’t be afraid to ask about them outright!

Check for licenses and warranties

The right moving company should be fully licensed, registered with local authorities as a business, and have some sort of guarantees or system in place for protecting your belongings during the loading, moving, and unloading process.

Get everything in writing

From price to the timing, to the guarantees, etc., it should all be written down. Don’t do anything until you’ve got everything in writing with proper signatures.  This helps you know what you’re entitled to and what you’re not.  It also shows you where their liability starts and stops!

Trust your gut

An oldie but a goodie.  The moving company that gives you the best “gut feeling” is going to be the right call.  Even if you aren’t entirely sure what it is about them that you like (or dislike, depending on the gut feeling you’re getting), it’s normally correct.  Trust it!

Be mindful of scams

Unfortunately, there are many scams out there these days.  Moving company scams are often among the most shocking and expensive.  Don’t pay the entire fee upfront, and be very careful to ensure that they show up with properly branded trucks.  They will readily show licensing and ID if asked, so be sure to do that when they arrive.

Good help is hard to find, and that includes choosing the right moving company.  These tips will help you understand, from an internal and external point of view, why Day & Night Movers of Chicago is such a good choice for your next move.  You deserve to get you and your belongings from Point A to Point B respectfully and safely.  We’d be honored to help you do just that. Contact us today with any questions.